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NetCar Driver


MAKE GREAT MONEY DRIVING A NETCAR.Meet friendly people. Take them where they want to go. Make your own schedule. Be your own boss. Drive whenever driving works for you. Use your smartphone, to advertise your real-world place and time on NetCar, in real time. Passengers can see you, they tap their NetCar passenger App, they bring you to them.Taxi, limousine, livery, any licensed for-hire driver---any driver where for-hire licensing is not required by law---can advertise a transportation business on NetCar. Download and registration is free. And you only pay NetCar a very small percentage of your total passenger charge, when you have business. The NetCar concept is simple. For a small fee, NetCar aggressively markets your transportation services, and processes your credit card transactions. In just a few plain words, if you legally drive passengers for compensation anywhere, you want to be visible on smartPhones and computer screens everywhere, as a NetCar.HOW DOES THE NETCAR DRIVER APP WORK?Switch on the NetCar Driver App whenever you want to make money giving passengers rides. NetCar identifies your location, puts you in que for time and distance with other NetCar operators in your immediate area, and shows your NetCar Passenger Service Rating on the NetCar Passenger App. Passenger taps, you respond, a contract for services is put in place between you. You take them where they want to go. Passengers pay through NetCar, and their money is deposited to your account within 48 hours. NetCar keeps a small percentage, as compensation for marketing and accounting services. You set passenger your pre-arranged passenger fares, when you log in.HOW DO YOU GET STARTED?Download the NetCar Driver App. Register. Follow the directions. Upload required documents. Once you are registered and your documents confirmed, your NetCar Driver Account will be activated, and you are good to go, to make money whenever you want.The NetCar App typically uses 2GB per month, so charges to your phone plan may apply.